Lesotho insurer digitises business with SilverBridge

Cirrus, a subsidiary of the SilverBridge Group, has completed a digitisation project for the Lesotho National Life Assurance Company (LNLAC), a member of the Regent Group of companies. This has seen the scanning of 1.7 million documents to improve business processes at the insurer and provide better customer service to their clients. Previously, LNLAC was [...]

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The importance of Business Intelligence (BI) in insurance

Companies need to find ways of extracting actionable insights from the vast quantities of data they produce. And while the past few years have seen decision-makers embrace Big Data and predictive analytics to deliver this value, the answer could be more simplistic and less daunting than that. Kelly Preston, data analytics manager at SilverBridge, looks [...]

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Hackathons provide platform for innovation

Events like the recent 24-hour Blockchain Hackathon, run by Santam in conjunction with IBM and the Blockchain Academy, play an important role in the ongoing development and improvement of the software industry, says SilverBridge senior software developer Jonathan Jardim who won the Hackathon. “There are a lot of new technologies out there and the only [...]

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GetSure moves to managed services platform with SilverBridge

SilverBridge designed and implemented a customised managed services solution at GetSure Zimbabwe to enable the insurer to migrate its individual life and group businesses to a cloud platform for streamlined operations. Although GetSure Zimbabwe initially started developing an internal solution, it was not cost-effective and did not have all the functionality required. GetSure Zimbabwe therefore [...]

SilverBridge developer wins Blockchain Hackathon

SilverBridge software developer Jonathan Jardim has won the recent 24-hour Blockchain Hackathon run by Santam in conjunction with IBM and the Blockchain Academy. The event was designed to highlight the impact of insurance fraud in the country. “With insurance fraud costing local businesses billions of Rands annually, events such as these are critical to find [...]

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Board charter

The board acts in accordance with an approved board charter which is reviewed on a regular basis. The charter, in line with the company’s Memorandum of Incorporation (“MOI”), amongst others, regulates the composition, scope of authority, responsibility and function of the board. A balance of authority is ensured through an agreed division of responsibility. No [...]

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Understanding endowment assurance

At its most basic, an endowment is a kind of life policy that pays out the sum assured either on a fixed date (typically anything from 10 to 20 years) or upon the death of the person insured, whichever happens first. An endowment is therefore best viewed as a combination of life assurance and savings [...]

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Term Insurance.. the ins and outs

Term assurance is probably the oldest form of life assurance and was typically in force for a period of one year. Today this type of policy usually has a term between 1 and 20 years. It provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time, called the term. After that [...]

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Types of Whole Life Assurance

This is a follow-up blog on the discussion about 'What is whole life assurance'. Today we are talking about two different kinds of whole life assurance in this blog, namely whole life limited premium assurance and deferred whole life assurance. Whole Life Limited Premium Assurance A whole life limited premium assurance policy can be a with-profit [...]

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What is whole life assurance?

The premiums are fixed, based on the age of the assured when the policy commences. A whole life policy usually doesn’t increase with age. The life assured usually pays premiums in regular instalments throughout his/her lifetime, except for limited pay policies which may be paid-up in 10 or 20 years or at age 65. The sum assured is then payable on the death of the assured. Whole life insurance belongs to the cash value category of life insurance, which also includes universal life, variable life and endowment policies. […]

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