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On the verge of 2016!

  At this time of the year we are all looking forward to shaking off 2015 and ready to embrace the New Year. But what will it have in store for us? My uncle always says that it is best we don’t know, yet I feel a little bit of info wouldn’t hurt, would it? I mean just enough info so that we could be slightly better prepared, or maybe better positioned to take on whatever comes our way. […]

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With Christmas comes New Year

 Just like baking cookies goes with Christmas, so Christmas goes hand in hand with the arrival of a new year. And new years are fantastic. They give us the opportunity to evaluate or re-evaluate our lives. So as Christmas is linked to New Year, New Year is linked to planning and envisioning. We have all experienced great years, average years and awful years. And sometimes what happens to us is beyond our control. But we can always control our reaction to our experiences and circumstances. And with some planning we can also make sure that 2016 will bring you growth and happiness. […]

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Christmas at Eagle’s Nest!

We support the Eagle’s Nest home for orphans that acts as a feeding scheme, drop- in centre and early child care development centre for approximately 236 children affected and/or infected with HIV and AIDS. The centre is located in the Mofolo Village area in Soweto. It is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) that opened its doors on 3 October 2006. […]

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Virtual Agile Teams

We at SilverBridge have not only embraced Agile, but for the last five years we have done so in virtual teams. For most this seems impossible, as face-to-face meetings and conversations are so important for Agile. Even though we were strongly advised against taking this route, we took the plunge and have never looked back. [...]

By |November 16th, 2015|Agile methodology, General|

Seven steps to creating an onboarding strategy

Finding new clients is not an easy task. But their encounter with you will determine if it will be even more difficult to keep them. We have been dealing with the onboarding question in the last five blogs. Now, we have put together a strategy for you which will contribute to customer retention. Done well, it will influence your cross-sells and up-sells too. Going digital will influence how you think about everything in your business. So, start small. Don’t try and reinvent everything in one go. […]

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Are you ready to embrace a virtual culture?

In the previous blog I briefly touched on the difficulties virtual teams face regarding language and cultural differences. In many international ventures the possible complications that come from misunderstandings as a result of these differences, are initially overlooked. And only when projects go awry and we sit back to take stock of it all, does [...]

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Add commission information

In this post we discuss how to capture the commission details on a policy or component. Commission is calculated per component, captured per broker and saved per contract. Rules and settings determine the commission percentages, as well as how much commission is paid and when. Capturing the correct commission details is very important, so that the correct amount can be distributed. […]

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Reduce IT risks with SilverBridge KnowledgeBase

SilverBridge, a provider of software solutions to the financial services industry, has introduced SilverBridge KnowledgeBase, a tool that will help organisations reduce risk during IT projects. King III requires company executives to run their IT projects properly and to ensure that prudent and reasonable steps have been taken with respect to IT governance. Technology is [...]

By |August 7th, 2014|News room|

Ignition Group launches Viva Life product suite using Exergy2Go

p>Following its acquisition of the Resolution Life insurance license, the Ignition Group has launched the Viva Life suite of products and gone live with Exergy, the insurance administration software platform of SilverBridge, who is a provider of software solutions to the financial services industry.     Connect, the SilverBridge Group's implementation and support division, commenced [...]

By |May 21st, 2014|News room, Press office|

Zimbabwean Bank goes with Exergy as it targets insurance market

Connect, the implementation and support division of SilverBridge Holdings, has started implementing the SilverBridge Exergy insurance administration solution at CBZ Life. "While CBZ, a Zimbabwean provider of long term insurance products, has been able to sell non-complex life products (such as credit life) to its customers, it needed the ability to provide more advanced insurance [...]

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