Simplify your FAIS Fit & Proper and Complaints processes through our range of digital options

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What our FAISapp can do for?

Adopt a dynamic technology-enabled approach to FAIS administration

a single view of your compliance structure across your entire organisation.

improved customer due diligence of FSP’s and Brokers, compliance officers, key individuals, representatives and J-Reps.

digital record keeping on all role players across your compliance structure.

tracking, monitoring and management of your Fit & Proper processes.

the creation, maintenance and access to a centralised document universe for all your Fit & Proper templates, Board Notices and Standard Operating Procedures.

real time recording and tracking of customer complaints aligned to TCF outcomes.

a single point of entry for FAIS and Complaints auditing.

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  • A single view of your compliance structure across your entire organisation.
  • A system of record of all your FSP’s, Brokers, Compliance Officers, Key Individuals and Representatives.
  • Fit & Proper recording, monitoring and reporting on all role players across the compliance function.
  • One point of entry for FAIS Fit & Proper and Complaints auditing.
  • Real time complaints management and access to reporting.
  • Centralised document universe where you can upload and save all documents relating to Board Notices, Standard Operating Procedures and Document Templates.
  • Immediate access to create and extract customised FAIS and Complaints reports.


  • The subscription free version offers immediate and ongoing access to FAIS Admin and FAIS reports.
  • Easily subscribe and upgrade to premium options.
  • The management of FAIS Fit & Proper is simplified from a record-keeping and data management perspective.
  • Immediately know who is reporting into who and under which FSP.
  • Easily view and update the status of a complaint.
  • Link complaints back to the Representative.
  • Measure and report on complaints by TCF outcomes.
  • Create and extract your own FAIS and Complaints reports using your own personal filters for download, analysis and review in MS Excel.
  • Digital storage of data and documents is safe, secure and easily accessible.

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