Business Process Outsourcing


Setting up your own infrastructure for your business can be expensive and time consuming.

A traditional installation requires physical servers, numerous databases, software licences, disaster recovery processes and trained staff able to support the installation.We understand this can be challenging – both from a cost and a resource perspective.

Why not let us setup and manage this on your behalf?


Our hosting services include the following:


Microsoft Azure Platform

This is our preferred cloud based solution which provides us with the ability to quickly setup customer environments, deploy and manage software into those environments and give access to users within far shorter timeframes than under traditional installations.  Project timeframes are shortened and production environment support of the Exergy solution becomes far easier due to common views of real-time production data.

In-country ISP

If regulations (or your preference) require that your data to be kept in-country then we are happy to use local ISPs with data centres to host your environment.  The accessibility of the software solution remains user friendly and all hosting services are available as described.


We provide a variety of complementary SQL database administration services such as installation, configuration, upgrade, monitoring, performance management, maintenance and security services for your databases.


We provide full disaster recovery of your production environment with immediate fail-over to ensure no production data is compromised.

Why not let us setup and manage this on your behalf?

If you are interested in our offerings or would like someone to contact you please email or contact +27 12 360 0100.