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Business Process Outsourcing

Technical Outsourcing

Managing complex batch or technical processes can become challenging when this is not the core competency of your business.

Over the years we have identified a number of processes which cause Exergy customers the most issues and our aim is to manage these processes on your behalf to remove technical frustrations and potential business delays due to support interventions. We resolve issues with the batch processes in a timeous fashion to ensure all SLA’s are maintained and minimise production downtime when critical batch processes fail due to either configuration or data issues.


Our technical outsourcing services include the following:



Commission runs processed on frequency determined by insurer and commission statements provided to relevant authority for payment of sales force agents.

Premium Collections

Regular premium collection processes such as Debit Order and Payment Deductions runs performed including processing of return files.

New Business Imports

Processing of all formats of new business imports into system. Automation of import batches and immediate support intervention when files fail to import due to layout or data issues.


Processing of all regular month end tasks such as accounting period changes, renewals, arrears processing and reporting.


Code and SQL script deployments to development, test and production environments.   

Why not let us setup and manage this on your behalf?

If you are interested in our offerings or would like someone to contact you please email contact@cirrusmsp.co.za or contact +27 12 360 0100.