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With our Data Solutions, you can:

  • use real-time data to get a view of the business, thereby exposing unproductive areas of operation.
  • get customised dashboards per business user - depending on the role and business need.
  • gain insight into most commonly scrutinised functions and business ratios such as new business take-up, policy persistency, distribution channel performance and claims per product.
  • perform scenario and predictive analytics on product and pricing inputs.
  • turn data into actionable insights.
  • take full advantage of the underlying data.

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  • Online solution
  • Real time reporting
  • Easy integration with any Administration System
  • Consolidation of multiple data sources presenting a single view of your data
  • A dynamic visual representation of all your reports
  • A data warehoused solution to alleviate strain on the production environment


  • Real time tracking and monitoring of business performance versus targets
  • Gain deeper insight through the consolidation of data sources
  • Identify data quality issues easily
  • Increased reporting efficiencies - people and time
  • Increase reporting accuracy
  • Make your business more proactive

Our Data Solutions provide:


Providing insurers with a real time view of their business.

Delivers trusted data in an efficient manner and creates an opportunity to take full advantage of the underlying data.

This enables leaders to remove the bias from decision making and creates the ability to make your business more proactive.


Empowering insurers to develop a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with their clients through the effective use of analytics.

Our goal is to equip insurers with valuable insights throughout all the stages of their customer's insurance life cycles.

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