Digital disruption transforms insurance

According to Shingie Maramba, Business Development Manager at SilverBridge, South African insurers must embrace digital disruption and the associated technologies to remain competitive and provide customers with a more immersive experience. “Even though digitalisation has been part of boardroom discussions for the past 12 months, 2019 will usher in an exciting new wave of innovation [...]

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Microsoft data centres to impact local insurance market

In May last year, Microsoft announced plans to launch two data centres in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg and Cape Town, these see the company targeting cloud services growth on the continent. These data centres will deliver the Microsoft Cloud, including Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 to Africa, with initial availability in 2018. [...]

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Working towards digital insurance onboarding

The insurance onboarding process is evolving to better reflect the digital needs of today’s customer. A high level of service and improved customisation are key elements to ensure its success, says Kelly Preston, digital manager at SilverBridge. “Even though the onboarding journey will be different for every customer, financial service providers and insurers must to [...]

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Cloud-based policy administration

The imminent arrival of two Microsoft data centres in South Africa has put renewed focus on the importance of the cloud. But how can insurers benefit from this environment and embrace the opportunities it unlocks? Claudette Steynberg, product manager at SilverBridge takes a closer look. “Digital transformation has become a key talking point in boardrooms [...]

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SilverBridge empowers employees with its innovative leave policy

Since implementing its innovative discretionary time off (DTO) leave policy in January last year, SilverBridge Holdings has reported an overwhelming positive reception from staff resulting in employees better balancing their work and personal lives. Ruth Wotela, People Wellness Executive at SilverBridge Holdings, says the organisation introduced the policy that provides unlimited paid leave to reflect [...]

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Outsourcing the policy administration function

Policy administration is a fundamental business function for any insurer. The stakes are high in ensuring consistent customer service delivery across the operational value chain; failure could result in complaints being lodged with the ombudsman, reputational damage, and ultimately the loss of business. Angelique Strumpher, Administration Manager at SilverBridge, examines how outsourcing can help mitigate [...]

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BI to combat insurance policy lapses

For insurers, managing policy lapses or surrenders are part of business. But despite recent figures reflecting a nine percent decrease in surrenders last year from 2016, it will remain a concern for companies trying to compete amidst ever-tightening budgets. Kelly Preston, data analytics manager at SilverBridge, discusses how business intelligence (BI) can help mitigate some [...]

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Exergy joins Microsoft co-sell initiative

Following a rigorous qualification process, SilverBridge Holdings has announced that its policy administration solution, Exergy, is now part of the exclusive Microsoft co-selling programme. This sees the two companies working together to take Exergy to market as a packaged solution. Exergy, its flagship solution, extends to 37 implementations across 13 African countries. It enables insurers [...]

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Opening insurance access

Traditionally, insurance operates in a closed environment that does not facilitate or support the exchange of data. Agents must therefore find cumbersome manual workarounds to access important, contextualised customer information when needed. Yunus Scheepers, CTO at SilverBridge, believes this will result in systems built on open standards becoming more prevalent in the coming months. “Currently, [...]

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Digital transforming insurance

Digital transformation initiatives have become an important topic of discussion in boardrooms around the world. For insurers, embracing this shift can be especially beneficial as customers become more selective around product offerings and how technology is used to benefit them. Jonathan Jardim, senior software developer at SilverBridge Holdings, examines this. “As can be seen by [...]

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