GetSure moves to managed services platform with SilverBridge

SilverBridge designed and implemented a customised managed services solution at GetSure Zimbabwe to enable the insurer to migrate its individual life and group businesses to a cloud platform for streamlined operations. Although GetSure Zimbabwe initially started developing an internal solution, it was not cost-effective and did not have all the functionality required. GetSure Zimbabwe therefore [...]

Keyboard shortcuts when working with policies

With these keyboard shortcuts users can increase their productivity and make their overall experience of Exergy a lot more enjoyable. Opening certain screens in Exergy without having to take hands off the keyboard not only saves times, but enables the data capturer to work efficiently without taking their eyes off the paperwork that needs to be captured. […]

Lay down the rules with RulesGuru

A business rules engine is a software system that executes business rules in a specfied environment. These rules might come from legal guidelines, company policies and/or other sources. A business rule system enables these company policies and other operational decisions to be defined, tested, executed and maintained separately from application code. […]

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Stay Trendy with our new Deployment Tool

We have launched our Deployment Tool to help release managers and IT professionals to quickly, easily, and correctly deploy Exergy. It is designed for first time deployment as well as subsequent deployments and installs new code and scripts to the deployment server, business server and database server. […]

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Use BHave for Automated Testing in Exergy

We all aim for streamlining and simplifying our lives and Exergy’s automated testing tool does exactly that. By using an automated testing tool, such as BHave, you can increase the testing coverage of decrease the execution time when compared to manual testing. BHave not only shortens our testing efforts, but controls the execution thereof by comparing actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, and also includes test reporting functions. […]

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Reducing Risk with Exergy KnowledgeBase

Our extensive Exergy KnowledgeBase is a tool that will greatly benefit organisations in alleviating risk during IT projects. King III compels company executives to manage their IT projects correctly and thereby ensure that wise decisions are made and sound judgment exercised regarding IT governance. […]

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Streamline your life with Nodewalker

We have introduced an integrated workflow component to our life assurance administration platform. Exergy NodeWalker is creating hype in the industry, helping insurance companies achieve better results in these tough economic conditions. In a highly competitive industry where efficiency is key, workflow can have a huge administrative benefit for claims departments. NodeWalker enhances processing times and ensures work is always correctly allocated and prioritised. […]

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Testing as a Service

We have recently introduced a solution to maximise the benefits of using Exergy as a core policy administration platform. Exergy’’s Testing as a Service (TaaS) is a solution that provides assurance that implementations run efficiently. […]

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Finding your way on the Exergy Main window

The Exergy main window is like a platform or dashboard that allows you to access a vast range of functions and features. If you have entered the correct user name and password, the ‘Main’ window opens and should look like the following: At the top is the menu bar. Under each menu is a list [...]

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The Energy in Exergy

Exergy is SilverBridge’s phenomenal flagship platform. It enables core back-office administration of policies in the life assurance industry. The Exergy portfolio is a broad solution package with specific applications that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the long term insurance carrier. […]

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