Add component information

Capturing a new policy contract involves a number of steps, namely selecting the clients, capturing the payment info, adding the commission details and most importantly, adding the policy components which is discussed in this post. Some components may be added by the system by default, depending on the contract that you have added to the policy. Once you have created a policy and added a new life plan contract, you can enter the payment information. […]

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Add commission information

In this post we discuss how to capture the commission details on a policy or component. Commission is calculated per component, captured per broker and saved per contract. Rules and settings determine the commission percentages, as well as how much commission is paid and when. Capturing the correct commission details is very important, so that the correct amount can be distributed. […]

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Add a contract to a policy

Now that you have captured the policy, you can add the contracts that form part of this policy. A policy can have multiple contracts, just as a family can have multiple family members. These contracts are administered, processed, maintained and renewed separately. Each contract in a policy will have its own frequency, payment method and bank account detail and may have its own renewal frequency. […]

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Capture a new policy

The signed policy application is lying in front of you waiting to be captured. Do you know where to begin? Here is some more information that will help you get started… The policy structure window in Exergy is like a dashboard from which many policy functions and features can be accessed. From the Exergy main window, you can add a new policy or search for an existing policy. There is so much information you can have at your fingertips, if you know where to find it. […]

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Pending and un-pending workitems

Not sure what to do when you cannot capture everything you need to capture on a policy or claim, because you are either waiting for more information or on a response from a colleague / client / supervisor? Well, you can pend a workitem. Read more about it here. […]

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To Do Notes

  When you have accessed Exergy , the ‘Exergy’ window gives the user the option to create, maintain and view notes, which serve the purpose of task reminders and can be linked to a specific client (client not) or policy (policy note): […]

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Workpools and worklists

What on earth are workitems and workpools? Initially a workpool sounds like an oxymoron.. a pool just does not go down well with work. But hang on and let me explain: […]

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How to add additional client detail

We have already seen all the options and functionality we have on the ‘Client Detail’ screen, but let’s take a more in-depth look at all the additional client detail we can capture and view on ‘Client Detail’ screen on Exergy… […]

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How to add a client’s address

A very useful piece of information to have in our database is the address of our clients. When we have this information at our fingertips, it makes communicating with them so easy. Let me show you how to capture the client’s address on Exergy… […]

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