GetSure moves to managed services platform with SilverBridge

SilverBridge designed and implemented a customised managed services solution at GetSure Zimbabwe to enable the insurer to migrate its individual life and group businesses to a cloud platform for streamlined operations. Although GetSure Zimbabwe initially started developing an internal solution, it was not cost-effective and did not have all the functionality required. GetSure Zimbabwe therefore [...]

Virtual Agile Teams

We at SilverBridge have not only embraced Agile, but for the last five years we have done so in virtual teams. For most this seems impossible, as face-to-face meetings and conversations are so important for Agile. Even though we were strongly advised against taking this route, we took the plunge and have never looked back. [...]

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The pros and cons of Agile

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons when using Agile. We believe that the pros far outweigh the cons. To be fair this blog post will cover both. Because I am an eternal optimist, I will list the pros first: Revenue: The revenue advantages are two-fold. Firstly, small sections of work are [...]

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Understanding the seven basic Agile concepts

This blog post describes basic Agile concepts and why they are necessary in the scrum. What is: A backlog? A backlog is a long to-do list of ranked product requirements. It changes all the time. An item’s priority tells the Agile team what to develop and implement first. The comprehensive list of all to-do-items is [...]

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Agile vs Waterfall

Both agile and waterfall are project management methodologies. In this blog series we are talking about the agile methodology and compare it to waterfall. We will share with you how we are scrumming and what has changed for us since we decided to go that route. What is Agile? And what is Waterfall? The Agile [...]

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