Constantia Life and Health Company Limited (CLAH) will shortly be introducing a new product into the market. It is for this reason that this product training course has specifically been created so as to comply with the Compliance Regulation Requirements as needed for product training.

This course is a one day programme that is designed and developed for both the short-term and long-term intermediaries to introduce the new InBiz Group Life product, its features and benefits and the high level process flow; so that you will be in a position to advise and sell this product to your prospective clients. It is therefore a pre-requisite to successfully complete this product training course and the necessary assessment in order to achieve your certificate of completion.

The course consists of a mix between some theory in the form of videos , self-study reference material and a multiple choice type assessment.

The course is divided into two lessons:

  1. High level process flow
  2. Introducing the inBiz Group Life Product

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