This scheme administrator course is a programme consisting of a mix between theory and practical exercises demonstrating the unique value that Exergy offers in successfully supporting key day-to-day scheme creation, membership validation and membership acceptance processes as well as the maintenance of the scheme within the Life Company.


As the scheme administration in Exergy, has evolved over a few sprints since the last released version of Exergy we have incorporated these changes as you proceed through the relevant Learning Units; where these changes occur.

It is therefore important that you consider this when working through the course. You may need to only refer to the videos that are relevant for the version Exergy you will be working with.


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Exergy Scheme Processing

We have extended the information on Scheme Processing that you may reference at any point during this course. This information is very useful in understanding the full process from an end-to-end perspective and should assist you in understanding the recommended manner in which to manage schemes in Exergy.