This programme is facilitated purely on demand due to some complexity of certain aspects covered in the course.

The approach that has been adopted for this course is some pre-course work which is a pre-requisite and thereafter a 2 day hands-on classroom based session. The classroom session is only scheduled upon request and where we have sufficient interested parties. 

It is most important that you please carefully read the ‘Course Instructions’ that follow to ensure you are fully aware of any pre-requisites, prior to commencement of this course.

Should you be interested in participating in this programme we advise that you please direct an email to  so that we can attend to your request, and/or advise of the next available commencement date.

Course details:

The Exergy Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a third party with the knowledge, toolset and guidance to create bi-directional integration into as well as from Exergy.

The SDK provides Architecture and Integration guidance for different types of integration. Sample integrations will be used to provide guidance for different integration projects. In addition, structured walkthroughs of such projects will be provided in video format, walking the developer through all the steps necessary to get the integration solution up and running.

The following interactive learning areas will be covered for this entire programme:

  • Pre-requisites
    • Introduction to general architectural concepts  – (Learning Unit 1 on this portal)
    • Exergy database structure  – (Learning Unit 2 on this portal)
  • Classroom session – (as pre-arranged)
    • SDK outline and usage
    • Perform example projects
    • Method development
    • An introduction to RulesGuru for product rules configuration

Please carefully read the Course Instructions below before commencement of this course.

Course Instructions
Course Outcomes