With Exergy:

  • you get end-to-end administration of your business process throughout the insurance life cycle.
  • you can grow your business to millions of policies using one single platform
  • we enable our clients to take advantage of our extensive experience through our pre-configured base (Products and processes).
  • we can build customised ad-on applications around the system to meet your specific needs.
  • you can test your new products in the market without incurring large IT costs.
  • you can operate in multiple currencies, or countries, with multiple languages.
  • you have access to support from a team with over 20 years of industry experience.

Exergy allows for the ease of introducing multiple products from simple funeral products to complex individual life products.

It also enables expansion into other geographies using multiple languages, multiple currencies and standardised processes.

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  • High level of flexibility when it comes to product (insurance product) rules
  • Quick and easy setup of new products
  • Document generation included with solution
  • Web enabled through web portal functionality
  • Pre-configured product and process base
  • Pre-configured automated testing suite for base
  • Easy intergration to third party systems through open API sets
  • Administer Individual Life-, Group Life and EB on the same system
  • Online training


  • Scalability
  • Highly customisable solution
  • Instant access allowing clients to familiarise themselves with the product quicker, to enable better optimisation
  • Take new products to market within a very short time period
  • Easily test a new product in the market
  • Run multiple product lines on one system
  • Reporting base through our Data Solutions which is easily customisable
  • Operational control

It is a customisable and functionally rich solution that has been modelled according to best insurance practice and will enable you to improve business efficiencies and ensure accurate reporting.


Our policy administration system which caters to life insurance companies. Our system covers everything from simple life products like credit life and funeral cover, all the way through to more complex products like endowment assurance.


Our policy administration system which caters for companies to administer member details and fund build ups.

Groups Schemes

Our policy administration system which caters for companies insuring group schemes and allowing companies to administer member details, different benefits, different group schemes from life to funeral.

Employee Benefits

Our policy administration system which caters for companies to administer member details, different benefits, group life and fund build ups.