Add-on Tools: Automation Testing Tool

For companies using Exergy, Bhave is an automation testing tool, which increases quality of development and efficiency of testing through the automation of testing test cases on a continuous basis.




BHave can be used to improve manual testing’s effectiveness. There are many different ways in which it can assist the manual tester. The manual tester can use BHave to create and recreate test scenarios:

  • One policy can be captured in Exergy and then replicated with BHave with different combinations and different values to test multiple scenarios.
  • BHave can be used to recreate test scenarios to be used when retesting issues after they have been resolved. By creating the test cases in BHave, the manual tester can only rerun these and no manual capturing will be required.
  • After a process has been tested, BHave can be used to recreate the policies captured to enable the manual tester to test the next process. The manual tester does not need to recapture all the data, saving time.
  • BHave can be used to age the database, which will enable users to test scenarios in the future.


Continuous regression testing can improve the quality of development. BHave can be used effectively as part of regression testing:

  • Test packs to test product values can be run continuously to indicate immediately when new development or configuration has broken existing products
  • Regression testing through pattern testing on resulting data. Simulation testing can be setup in BHave which will simulate life office scenarios over a number of years. This will indicate when there is a difference in database patterns between different releases or sprints.

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